Contemplating potential future Arabella Advisors leadership

Jan 24, 2022

Nobody asked, but …

The Arabella Advisors philanthropic consulting company announced the departure of chief executive officer Sampriti Ganguli earlier this month, saying that chief revenue officer Rick Cruz will become its first president and manage day-to-day operations and that it will announce a new CEO next year. The powerful, progressive consultancy operates several “dark-money” groups that engage in politics and advocacy.

Last November, in what appeared to be a challenging interview with The Atlantic’s Emma Green, the outgoing Ganguli sought to maintain that she believes in and Arabella maintains a proper distinction between charity and politics.

Nobody asked us, but below is an earnestly compiled (merely alphabetical) list of potential candidates for Arabella’s CEO role.


Stacey Abrams

William Barber

Ian Bassin

Robert Bauer

Bill de Blasio


Lee Bodner

Jeff Bradach

Donna Brazile

Paul Brest

Rutt Bridges


David Brock

David Callahan

Ben Cohen

Ron Conway

Alphonso David


Aaron Dorfman

Anita Dunn

Norm Eisen

Marc Elias

Rahm Emanuel


Kathleen Enright

Tiana Epps-Johnson

Karla Jurvetson

Josué Estrada

Russ Feingold


Hannah Fried

Patrick Gaspard

Dick Gephardt

Tim Gill

Anand Giridharadas


Whoopi Goldberg

Lisa Graves

Vania Gupta

Deb Haaland

Jaime Harrison


Wade Henderson

Margaret Huang

Imtiyaz Hussein

Van Jones

Eric Kessler


Chris Korge

Mike Kubzansky

Amy Kurtz

Gara LaMarche

Roger Lau


Lawrence Lessig

Tom Lopach

Rachel Maddow

Jane Mayer

Amber McReynolds


Analilia Mejia

Maurice Mitchell

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Beto O’Rourke

Nancy Pelosi


Tom Perez

John Podesta

Mike Podhorzer

Jared Polis

Katie Porter


Ayanna Presley

Laura Quinn

Cecile Richards

Nancy Roob

Steve Schmidt


Rajiv Shah

Faiz Shakir

Donna Shalala

Al Sharpton

Anat Shenker-Osorio


Nelini Stamp

Andy Stern

Carli Stevenson

Pat Stryker

Mark Suzman


Neera Tanden

Tina Tchen

Ruy Teixeira

Nina Turner

Edgar Villanueva


Michael Waldman

Darren Walker

Jeff Weaver

Randi Weingarten

Ellen Weintraub


Sheldon Whitehouse