Recent coverage of and commentary about philanthropy and giving

Mar 20, 2023

A regular curation.

Estimated Value of Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Hospitals Nearly $28 Billion in 2020, Jamie Godwin, Zachary Levinson, and Scott Hulver, Kaiser Family Foundation

Ban on “Zuckerbucks” Election Money in Georgia Heads to Final Votes, Mark Niesse, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Think Tank Transparency Act Is a Good First Step, Michael Rubin, 1945

A Law School’s “Denaming” Evokes Donor Family’s Ire, Paul Caron, TaxProf Blog

Stanford’s Suit Against Property Taxation Keeps Palo Alto Rich, White, and Very Exclusive, Darryll Jones, Nonprofit Law Prof Blog

Don’t Let the Pendulum Hit You: How to Make Lasting Change for Women’s Rights, Elana Wien, Center for Effective Philanthropy

Howard Ahmanson Responds to Vanity Fair, Rod Dreher, Rod Dreher’s Diary