Recent coverage of and commentary about philanthropy and giving

Nov 7, 2023

A regular curation.

Charitable Cause Pluralism and Prescription in Historical Perspective, Ben Soskis, Urban Institute

Here’s How the Liberal Money Machine is Fueling Pro-Hamas Activism, Robert Schmad, The Daily Caller

What Do Universities Owe Their Donors?, Josh Moody, Inside Higher Ed

Darren Walker: Optimist, Realist, Prophet, Laurene Powell Jobs, Town & Country

The Local Roots of Civility, Christopher Bullivant, The American Conservative

Understanding Generosity: A Look at What Influences Volunteering and Giving in the United States, Nathan Dietz & Robert T. Grimm, Jr., Do Good Institute

Funding Trends 2023: Climate Change Mitigation in Philanthropy, ClimateWorks Global Intelligence