Recent coverage of and commentary about philanthropy and giving

Dec 9, 2023

A regular curation.

Why Big-Money Super PACs Keep Blowing It for Their Candidates, David Weigel, Semafor

Should Philanthropy Be More Political?, Charles Keidan, Alliance magazine

Nonprofit Lobbying Assistance Guides Now Available for All 50 States, Bolder Advocacy

Is the OpenAI Kerfuffle the Nonprofit Law Story of the Decade?, Benjamin Leff, Nonprofit Law Prof Blog

Those “Giving Pledge” Billionaires Had Better Pick Up the Pace, Michael Mechanic, Mother Jones

Funders and Nonprofit Leaders: Can We Talk?, Kathy Reich, Center for Effective Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy: Emerging Strategies for Lasting Impact, John Schellhase, Hilary McConnaughey Page, and Martine Polycarpe, Milken Institute

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