Recent coverage of and commentary about philanthropy and giving

Mar 4, 2023

A regular curation.

The Giving Review plans to frequently compile and publish small collections of recent articles, op-eds, and research from the relatively limited public discourse about philanthropy and giving.


Red Tape Strangles Charities, Elizabeth McGuigan and Wayne Winegarden, RealClearPolicy

Report Critical of State Charity Regulation Sparks Controversy, Linda J. Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group

Georgia Committee Passes Bill to Stop Counties From Accepting “Zuckbucks 2.0” Ahead of 2024 Elections, Shawn Fleetwood, The Federalist

Anti-Wokeness Isn’t a Viable Path to Power, Arthur Bloom, Arthuriana

501(c)(4)s—A “Growing Phenomenon,” Greg Colvin, Fiscal Sponsorship

Transforming philanthropy: how and who?, Alliance magazine

Chinese Billionaire Made $1 Million Donation to Trudeau Charity Following Election That Brought Liberals to Power, Ari Blaff, National Review