Welcome to The [new] Giving Review

Jun 9, 2023

Shoulder to the wheel.

In June 2019, we introduced The Giving Review as an independent part of another website. Now, we’re on our own—and will be even more and probably more aggressively independent, what with our own URL and all.

With our substantial practical philanthropic experience—and hopefully, wisdom—we modestly try to bring a conservative worldview to bear on some of the growing discussion about issues in philanthropy and giving. 

Fully realizing—actually, relishing—the challenges to defining a changing “conservatism,” we think conservatism is grossly underrepresented in both establishment philanthropy and commentary about it. We’re trying to add value to what we think is far too limited a discourse about philanthropy, within components of and across the entire ideological spectrum.

A project of the Center for Strategic Giving at the Capital Research Center, The Giving Review tries to do this in several ways. Our “Current” section covers news of the day. Our “Opinion” section features essays, ideas, and reflections on giving. “Reviews” look at noteworthy, books, reports, and research on giving. “Conversations” present recorded interviews of prominent figures in the philanthrosphere. And “Collections” compile notable past contributions on various philanthropic themes, as well as regularly curating others’ reporting and analysis.

All content, dating back to our first appearance in 2019, will be available here.

If you’re already giving us a try, we hope you keep doing so. If you’re new to us, we hope you give us a try now. We’re The Giving Review.

William A. Schambra, Daniel P. Schmidt, and Michael E. Hartmann